Cycling Hero

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The highlights of Cycling Hero

The gameplay

Help your character become a professional racer in Cycling Hero. Navigate your character to go fast and far while trying to eliminate other opponents.

Compete with other rivals to become the best bike racer. In this game, you will have to go fast to be able to conquer the longest distance and overcome other opponents. If you want to win your opponents, you need to have your own strategy to complete your mission.

When racing a bicycle, you will have to face risks. Are you ready to conquer them? You will encounter steep slopes. They might make your bike fall over. You need to be careful when going through them. For roads with puddles, you need to move right or left to dodge. They cause your bike to reduce friction. As a result, you will fall. The game is over.

The game has simple gameplay, which is suitable for all. The game will appeal to players who are passionate about speed and keen on the intense race. Have you tried joining this game yet? Check your abilities by joining the game.

How to control the hero

The right arrow key to accelerate.

The left arrow key to decelerate.

The up and down arrow keys to move left and right.

Some tips to go further in Cycling Hero

They are bumpy and dangerous. You need to accelerate to go uphill. Then, hold the brake to slow down. If you go too fast, your bike will overturn.

Next, to be able to go faster, don't miss the speedy icons. Going through them will give your bike a significant speed boost in a short amount of time.

Finally, you can eliminate other competitors from the race. You only need to change lanes when the opponents pass you by. You will knock your opponent off the track in no time. Be careful because other opponents can do the same to your character.