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Some things about Cyclomaniacs

The principle of the game

Cyclomaniacs is a fantastic racing game where you can compete with others. To become the first to reach the finish line, you must outrun and collect coins.

You will transform into one of the cute characters to compete with others. There are many people participating in this race. You need to be faster than them to be the winner. While racing, you need to keep in mind that you must both pass others and ensure the safety of your character. If you fall, you will have to stop the game. Skills and speed are highly recommended in the game. If you are a real racer, join this game now.

What's more, on the track, there are a lot of coins. You can collect them to purchase other characters. If you have enough coins, you can also unlock many levels in the game. Gold coins are the motivation for you to try to complete the race.

Navigate the character

W or the up arrow key to accelerate.

S or the down arrow key to decelerate.

A or the left arrow key to lean back.

D to the right arrow key to lean forward.

X or the spacebar to bunny hop.

The features of Cyclomaniacs

When you have a lot of coins, you can purchase a lot of cute characters. They are animated characters. You can unlock all of them to experience. The cuter the character, the more expensive it is. You need to try to be able to buy more characters.

Moreover, there are a large number of venues in the game. They are Dunes, Sunset Cities, Volcania, Outlands, Moon, and Planetoid. You must unlock all levels in a venue before moving to the next venue.