Diamond Rush

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The game rules of Diamond Rush

Move the gems

Diamond Rush offers amusing gameplay and exciting tasks. You need to move the gems to form horizontal or vertical rows with at least three identical gems.

In the grid, there are a lot of gems. When you move gems and match 3 or more identical gems, you will receive the corresponding score. You need to match as many gems as possible to get a higher score. Additionally, when moving the gems, you can only move them to adjacent positions. You cannot move them to positions too far from their original position. Therefore, you need to consider before moving gems.

The limited time

The game has no target for you. Therefore, you do not need to be under pressure on scores. However, your time is limited. You only have 1 minute to play one turn. Within the allotted time, you need to try to get the highest score. You can upgrade your score through gameplay. You will gradually play the game better in later turns. Time limits also bring benefits to you. You will move gems more quickly. Your reaction speed also improves.

Some tactics to win Diamond Rush

Use the hint

You can use hints to find the appropriate gems to move. They will help you get higher scores. However, your time will decrease quickly because of using hints. You should not use it too many times to save time. However, if your actions are quick, you can use them to improve your score.

Create the bomb gems

Creating bombs is not too difficult. You just need to match 4 or 5 identical gems. After getting many bombs, you can remove many gems around them. As a result, you can win with the most impressive scores. Try to get as many special gems as possible.