Down The Hill

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About Down The Hill

Some risks in the game

Down The Hill is a fantastic arcade game where you need to control your character to win. Try to go down hills as fast as possible and dodge dangerous roads.

There are many dangers when you control your character who is a boy with a scooter. Your character needs to go down the hill which is stacked by many blocks. Besides safe blocks, there are many dangerous blocks. Firstly, you need to avoid blocks with lava because they can cause your character to lose his life instantly. In addition, there are many blocks that hold sharp spikes. They can hide and suddenly pop up. You need to redirect to not go through these blocks. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the roads marked for cars. Cars can collide with your character at any time. Finally, you should not enter blocks that contain all water. They can wash away your character.

How to overcome them

You need to use the left and right arrow buttons to control your character. Try to move as fast as possible because the hill is slowly falling down. If you don't move down quickly, your character will be buried. You should also consider choosing the safest path for your character.

Some traits of Down The Hill

Some beneficial items

You can collect the diamonds on the hill. The more diamonds you collect, the more you will have the opportunity to exchange for other lovely characters. You can also choose the hearts. They will help your character survive even when it collides with dangers. Don't miss them to be able to go as far as possible. Be quick to react to take your character down the hill.

Some characters

If you have enough diamonds, you can use them to exchange for awesome characters. Choose them for a great experience. The price of other characters will increase. Try to collect diamonds. Good luck!