Draw The Bridge Trucks

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Simple information Draw The Bridge Trucks

Welcome to a charming puzzle game which is Draw The Bridge Trucks. Draw a line to guide your car to go to the destination and collect all stars.

If you are keen on drawing and designing, this game is so fit for you. Use your pen to draw a line or some lines in order to guide your car to go to the finish line. It is quite easy for you to go to the endpoint. However, pay attention that you also need to collect all the stars on the road. After completing the preparation, you can press the button to run the car. If it gets to the finish line safely, you win. If it crashes or can't get on the line, you lose.

Various levels in Draw The Bridge Trucks

Although the mechanics of this game are similar to Draw The Bridge, this game offers more levels for you. You will have 50 levels in this game. Each level will bring you a new challenge and a new road. You can attain a maximum of 3 stars for each level. However, try your best because the higher you play, the more tough the level will be. At high levels, you have to drive through tricky roads and obstacles.