Draw Two Save: Save The Man

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About Draw Two Save: Save The Man

The gameplay

Draw Two Save: Save The Man is a casual puzzle that you will prefer. Draw some lines into the paper to protect the man from danger to collect coins and level up.

With the simple mechanics, you will have a pleasant time with this game. Draw a straight line to save the character from obstacles. You need to drag and release the mouse to create some skillful and beautiful barrier. You don't have unlimited time or unlimited ink. Therefore, form a firm barrier to protect your character. They will be safe inside it. Then, you need to keep your character safe in 3 seconds to pass the level. Each level will give you some tasks. Finish them to overcome the level. Try to help him overcome all the obstacles on the screen. The level needs to be played again if the man falls down or has a collision with the obstacles. You can use some hints of the game such as tips, skip and restart. You will have a suggestion with a hint button. You need to pay 100 diamonds to activate it. If you get stuck with the level, you can skip that level with the skip button or restart the level. After finishing a level, you need to choose the number of diamonds which you will attain. In the scale, there are 7 levels for your diamonds including x1, x1,5, x2, and x3. Align the arrow to choose the highest level on the scale to get a high diamond. Join this game and become a savior of this man. Moreover, you can check out Word Connect which is also a great puzzle game.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your mouse to draw the line

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Fun facts about Draw Two Save: Save The Man

The variety of levels

This game has a hundred levels that you need to play to know. Each level will have some distinctive features. The more you play, the harder the game will be. Each level will have a task. You need to finish the task and protect the man successfully to move to the next level. After each level, you will get some diamonds. You can use it for suggestions in the next levels.

Obstructions in the game

You have to face a thousand obstacles in the game such as traps, bananas, dangerous fishes, saws, guns, stones, winds, height, water, high-voltage electricity, and so on. You need to protect your man to avoid all these obstacles. To deal with these obstructions, you can use some supporting items in the game like a pillar, a cloud, a sun, and so on.