Dream Pet Link

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The best things in Dream Pet Link

The mechanics of the game

Dream Pet Link is an amusing connecting game. The game requests you to connect two identical tiles within the allotted time to clear the board and level up.

Your task in this game is extremely simple. The game is released to satisfy connecting game lovers. You can join it for fun and complete many tasks. To level up, you need to clear all the tiles on the board. To delete a tile, you must match up two identical ones.

When playing the game, you need to remember that you don't have too much time, so you need to increase your link speed. When the countdown ends, you will have to stop playing the game. Pay attention to the time bar to see how much time you have left.

Some tricky rules

You can only join tiles that are the same. In addition, the distance between two tiles can only be used for no more than three lines. So, let's choose tiles that are not blocked. You can complete your task quickly. This rule applies to most connecting games. You should memorize them to be able to play many other connecting games well. Are you prepared to fully engage in this thrilling game?

Controls Dream Pet Link

You do not need to use many operations when playing this game. You will use the mouse to click on the same tiles until the board is cleaned.

If you are arguing, you can use the hints. There will be 6 hints available to you. You use it to find the same tiles easily. After leveling up, you will receive more hints. Save them for more challenging levels. Your links left are exchanged for the score. As a result, you can break your record.