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Ducklings is a multiplayer duck-collecting game in the endless lake. Let's collect as many baby ducks as possible and bring them to the nest for mama duck! With this multiplayer gameplay, this game is similar to Smash Karts where you can join the battle with other players.

Ducklings Gameplay

In order to play this io game, all players need to know how to collect ducks and how to bring them to the nest. These two ways are extremely important to gain achievements in the Ducklings game.

How To Collect Ducks

On an endless lake, ducklings are lost in many different locations. Like a father duck, you will swim on that lake and look for these ducklings. After touching them, the ducklings will move with you. It is possible to collect several ducklings at once before you move to the nest.

In addition, there is a second way to collect baby ducks. Other players also collect ducklings like you. The ducklings will form a line behind each father duck. You can cut through this row to get those ducklings. This second way is very effective in increasing the number of your ducks.

Ducklings Nest

The nest is your base and you need to bring the ducklings back to this nest. If you don't return them to the nest, other ducks may take your ducklings. This should not happen to Ducklings players.

At the nest, a mother duck is waiting. After adding the ducklings, the nest will become larger and taller. In addition, you can receive new items to customize your duck.

Some Gameplay Notes

This Ducklings game requires players to comply with some rules to ensure fairness.

  • The number of collected ducklings is limited. You need to bring them back to the nest before continuing to collect new ducks.
  • Successfully returning ducklings to the nest helps you increase the number of collected ducklings at one time.
  • The ducks cannot attack each other.
  • Each player has a unique nest and you can only get points if you bring the ducklings to the correct nest.