Dumpling Jumpling

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What is Dumpling Jumpling

The principle of the game

Welcome to Dumpling Jumpling where you can control a dumpling to avoid the canisters. To exist longer, you must jump over many canisters to avoid falling

A cute little dumpling will be the main character in this game. Your character is facing danger. It is in danger of falling into the pot at any time. Therefore, you need to be careful when controlling your character. You are not allowed to let your character fall into the pot unless your dumplings are steamed. However, if your character falls out, it can still persist. However, don't be fooled too many times if you want to get a high score. Good luck.


When controlling your character, you must ensure that your reaction speed is fast enough to be able to dodge the canisters. They appear from the sides and are trying to push your character out of the pot. You need to jump to stack the canisters. You can get a high score if you stack correctly. Set a record with the highest stack of canisters.

To win, let's use the left mouse button to control it. Click the left mouse to jump over them in time.

The best way to win Dumpling Jumpling

Do you have a wise strategy to control your character? You can use the strategies below. First, you need to practice hard. You will only get a few points after the first play. If you want to get more points, you need to master this game. Next, focus on observing the appearance of the canisters. You can easily avoid them. In addition, you must jump as soon as the canister comes to stack them exactly. Let's try some tricks to win. You may become the best player in the game.