Elastic Man

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The main character's super elastic skin in Elastic Man is a prominent feature for you to drag and drop as you please. Let's enjoy and dispel your fatigue! Let's learn about your main character in this arcade game!

Your Main Character In Elastic Man

Your main character is a little boy with super elastic skin.

The boy's appearance is cute with big eyes and a small nose. His mouth always smiles adorably. In addition, short brown hair is also a characteristic of him. These physical characteristics help the boy become iconic in this endless gaming world.

However, appearance is not the most prominent factor in Elastic Man. Instead, elastic skin is the center of attention.

The Center Of All Attention, Elastic Skin

This boy has amazingly elastic skin.

Elastic Man's Abilities

His skin can return to its original state no matter what you do to him. You can drag, drop, punch, press, or push. Every impact affects the boy but it is always possible to return to its original state.

In addition, when you affect Elastic Man, his skin will change in an attractive way. This is something that any character in Bloxd.io cannot do.

How To Influence The Boy.

To influence Elastic Man, you just need to use the mouse to move and perform all operations.