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Play EvoWars.io to fight like warriors in a multiplayer arena. Characters will evolve following achievements and have new weapons to fight other players.

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Welcome to a new multiplayer game on our website. Our website is famous for the legendary Smash Karts game where players compete while driving their karts. Now, players continue to compete in a new arena with more modes.

In EvoWars.io, you can participate in 1vs1 Duel, FFA, Teams, and Offline mode. Especially, during holidays, new modes will be released in the Game Mode section. For example, you can play Christmas Rumble, an exciting Christmas event.

Each of these modes has its own unique characteristics in terms of opponents, gameplay, rules, design, and objectives. However, in general, all players will adhere to the following specifics.

Details About This Multiplayer Game

This EvoWars.io game will take you to a multiplayer arena with the following features.

The Multiplayer Arena

All players will join the same arena to compete against each other in EvoWars.io. You will turn into a character with a random weapon. During the collection process, you can evolve to become bigger and have stronger weapons. As a result, you can more easily destroy enemies.

Controls Of EvoWars.io

Slide your mouse to move your character and click to attack opponents in EvoWars.io.