Fall Guys Knockout

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About Fall Guys Knockout

The playing rules

Dip into the funny online which is Fall Guys Knockout. Take control of your chick to overcome all the obstacles and opponents to become the winner.

Certainly, this game is one of the worthy games on Smash Karts. In the game, you will compete in a crowded area with many formidable opponents. You need to move carefully and cleverly to overcome all the obstacles on your road. In this competition, you will have a lot of unruly enemies. You have to overcome them to go to the finish line first. Sometimes, you can follow them to take some lessons for you. In crowded places, you can be pushed, fell, or knocked down. You need to redirect to go in the right way and avoid these places. Some obstacles can help you to go to the endpoint quicker, but some of them can prevent your step. Therefore, you can fall down, or turn back to the beginning line if you crash into them. You can move following the direction of the arrow on the road. They will guide you in the right way. Take advantage of the carousels, propellers, seesaw, and other obstacles to help you move more quickly. You should dodge the ball cleverly, control the tilt of each seesaw and dive jump in the crow.

You can earn some coins and candies if you rank in a high position at a level. Then, you can use your coins and candies to buy new skins. You can level up after you take 5 candies. In addition, you can turn back every day to get the daily rewards. You will have many levels and many roads. The higher you level up, the more complex the game will be. Can you run to the finish line first and win the Crown?

How to control

  • Computer

Press the WASD keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR key to jump up

Use your mouse to look around

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Unique features of Fall Guys Knockout

The skin of your chick

In this game, you will have the chance to change the skin of your chick. There are 48 available skins in the shop. In particular, there are 12 normal skins, 16 different skins, 16 rare skins, and 12 legend skins. Each skin will have its own outstanding features, style, and color. Sometimes, you need to spend a lot of coins and candies to take them. For example, to get a Little Cute, you need to pay 350 coins. It requires you to spend 5 candies for an Ox Horn Chick, or 2000 coins for an Angle Cock.

The daily rewards

The reward is an important thing that will hook you into the game. This game brings you some special rewards which require you to come back to the game day by day to take it. On the first day, you can take 100 coins. You will have 2 candies on the second day. On the third day, you can get 200 coins. After the fourth day, you have the chance to gain 5 candies. While 400 coins will be given to you on the fifth day, you can receive 8 candies on the sixth day.