Fish Eat Fish

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Danger of the Ocean Fish Eat Fish

Many bigger fish

Fish Eat Fish is a fun arcade game that allows three players to play at the same time. Try your best to level up your fish character by consuming smaller fish.

At the beginning of the game, you will control the smallest character in the ocean. What difficulties will a small fish face? Can you help it survive in the vast ocean?

Because it's so small, your character will face many dangers. Bigger fish can eat it at any time. You need to dodge them to stay alive. If you collide with larger fish, you will be swallowed immediately. You can only eat fish that are smaller than you to increase your fish's size. The bigger your fish, the more creatures it can eat. You can also handle seahorses and sharks if your character is big enough.

Some traps

When swimming underwater, you will see several iron traps. They will get your fish stuck. You need to avoid them. They are usually located on the ocean floor and hide in seaweed groves. Pay attention to not having to stop the game. In addition, the explosive items are hazardous. You must navigate your character to stay longer.

Controls and tips to level up in Fish Eat Fish


Player 1: Use the WASD to move.

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move.

Player 3: Use the mouse to move.

Some tips for you

You should actively avoid the big fish. They are really dangerous. Swimming to the top is a good solution if you want to dodge. However, you also need to control your character flexibly to be able to eat many other fish.

Avoid locations with seaweed. Dangerous traps may be lurking below. You can compete with others to be able to eat more fish. Good luck!