Flappy Bird

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Special information about Flappy bird

The playing rules

Welcome to Flappy Bird which is an awesome arcade game developed by Dong Nguyen. Take control of your bird to overcome as many obstructions as possible.

With some simple mechanics, you will be favored in this game. In this game, you will transform into a yellow bird which is Flappy. In the game, Flappy will move persistently to the right of the screen. On your road, your bird needs to encounter many obstacles. Your obstacles will be a pair of pipes of the same size with a random length. Control Flappy to move up and down. Try to overcome as many pipes as possible to get a high score. You will take 1 point if you pass through a pair of pipes. Remember that you need to keep your bird balance. If you have a collision with the pipe or fall down to the ground, you will lose. After you finish each playtime, you will receive your result and your best score. You will get some achievements if you pass certain goals or get many points. You also can invite your friend. You can experience Shell Shockers which is also a great game.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your mouse or the SPACEBAR key to fly up

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Remarkable facts Flappy bird

Some achievements in the game

You can receive some medals or achievements if you gain certain points. For example, you will receive a bronze medal if you get over ten points. If you attain twenty or more twenty points, you can take a silver medal. In addition, a gold medal will be awarded to you when you get thirty points. A platinum medal will be given to you when you have forty or over forty scores. Try your best to gain these interesting achievements.

The developer and platform

This game was released early in 2014. It is playable on web browsers such as desktop devices or mobile phones. It was created by a Vietnamese who is Dong Nguyen.