Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

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About Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

The gameplay

Dive into a driving simulation game which is Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim. Drive your fire truck to go to the fire spots to put out the fires and save people.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a firefighter, this game will fulfill your dream. Jump into the fire truck and control the vehicle to the fire area following the direction. Then use the water hose to extinguish the fire. Pay attention that the fuel of the fire truck is limited. Therefore, you need to get to the specified location as quickly as possible to save fuel. You can see a small map at the top of the game. You can rely on that map to find out the direction of the fire. For some fires, you need to use the flying feature to approach the fire easily. After successfully extinguishing a fire, you can receive a sum of money and continue with other fires.

How to drive the fire truck

Use the I key to see the instructions

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press the F key to jump in or out of the truck

Press the Y key to accept the mission

Press the N key to decline the mission

Tap on the L key to activate the police light

Tap on the Q key to fly and land

Use the R key to reset the truck

Interesting elements in the game

Special things of Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

You can customize or upgrade your fire truck in the garage. There are 4 main fire trucks in the garage. To unlock a new fire truck, you need to use a lot of money. Besides, you can add propellers to them. You can install up to 5 propellers. The installation of the propeller does not require any fees. You also can get daily rewards when you join this game every day. The gift of each day is different. Therefore, return to the game regularly to get attractive gifts.