Frozen Race 3D

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About Frozen Race 3D

Become the frozen queen in her race which is Frozen Race 3D. Use the ice magic to stop the movement of all the obstacles in the race and go to the endpoint.

If you are a big fan of Frozen movies, you can transform a frozen queen in this game. In your race, you will encounter many obstacles. Before you have a collision with them, you need to use your frozen power. Click to activate your power to stop everything in your way. After that, your character can be safe to move to the finish line. Remember that you need to collect diamonds in your race. You have many levels to play. After each level, you can level up. If you level up, you may have the chance to keep continuing with the next levels. Try to win and discover interesting things at all levels.

Some incredible things in Frozen Race 3D

All the obstacles

You can many challenges in the game. One of them can not ignore obstacles. Some obstacles in the game include the red hammer, the fire shooter, the pendulum, and so on. You need to freeze them before you touch them. However, you need to align the time to freeze. If you touch them even after they are frozen, you still fail.

Levels of this game

This game brings you endless levels. You can join day by day to experience all the levels. You can move to the next level after you finish a level. Levels in the game will be classified from the easy level to the hard level.