Glow Blast

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Short information about Glow Blast

Challenge your brain with the fun blobs puzzle game which is Glow Blast. Remove all the bright dots on the board by clicking on a dot to explode it.

With super simple clicking rules and super nice graphics, this game will give you awesome feelings. You need to remove all the bright dots on the screen by exploding them. Let's start by clicking on a light dot with the smallest value. After that dot explodes, it will trigger a chain reaction to destroy the remaining light dot. However, if the dot doesn't explode or doesn't have enough effect to get rid of other dots, you will fail. At that time, you need to replay the level. You can only move forward if you finish removing all the dots. Each level gives you 3 attempts. You need to complete the game in as few attempts as possible to get 3 stars. Complete the game as quickly as possible to get an ideal score and collect all the stars in the game. After completing a level, a new level will be opened. Go ahead and conquer other levels.

All the levels in Glow Blast

This game has up to 40 levels for you to enjoy. The challenge in the game will be increased after each level. You need to eliminate all the dots to qualify for the next level. After each level, you will receive a corresponding number of stars. Complete the levels in the shortest time with the fewest attempts, you will get the maximum number of stars and a high score.