Google Solitaire

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Google Solitaire is a card game with Google design. All game rules follow solitaire rules, but Google's design will bring you interesting card matches.

About Google Solitaire

Welcome to the online Solitaire version powered by Google with a simple and user-friendly interface! It allows players to enjoy online Solitaire games easily. This game has different versions such as Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and TriPeaks. Each version has its own rules and goals, creating variety and challenges for players.

The Goal Of Solitaire

Your goal is to arrange all the cards into rows from Ace to Jack, in alternating colors (e.g. black red black red). You must move cards in seven columns and use empty cells and undealt decks to form valid sequences.

Through these matches, you can demonstrate your ability to arrange to complete a deck of cards. Cards can be added to increase the difficulty of this solitaire game.

In conclusion, this Solitaire game is a fun and entertaining game. The game provides players with the opportunity to relax and practice thinking and tactical skills. You can access this game directly on our Smash Karts website and search for "Google Solitaire" on the search engine.