Greedy Gnomes

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The rule of Greedy Gnomes that you must know for sure

Greedy Gnomes will be a game that makes you 100% brain power. Try to get as many diamonds as possible by lining them up with more than 4 diamonds.

This game was inspired by the tic tac toe game and never let you down. An unequal battle for power and diamonds is underway. New diamonds will be piled up. Your job is to choose any box to land that diamond down. You and your opponent will take turns dropping a diamond. Select the drop position to make a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to get rows with 4 or more diamonds. Continue doing this until both you and your opponent fill the boards with diamonds. Then you can get coins for the diamond tiles in the same row. You will win and get more coins if you get many diamond lines in a line. It sounds complicated but it will be easier to understand if you try to play it now.

The main game modes in Greedy Gnomes

There are two main modes in the game including 1 player mode and 2 player mode. In 1-player mode, you need to overcome AI enemies to become one with the most diamonds. In 2-player mode, you can invite your friends to join you to compete and try to get more diamonds than them. In any mode, you and your opponent will take turns dropping diamonds until the board is full. The winner will also be the one who collects the most consecutive rows of diamonds. Fight hard and win in any mode.