Halloween Ghost Ball

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How Halloween Ghost Ball works

Welcome to the Halloween Ghost Ball. Immerse yourself in a hauntingly fun experience as you navigate through a maze filled with mischievous ghost balls.

The mansion is divided into several rooms which look like a maze with a large number of ghost balls. Your task is to navigate them to reach the exit portal. To control ghost balls, you need to use a special ghost-catching device. It's up to you to figure out how to activate and operate this device. Beware, some ghost balls may require additional steps or tricks to capture them successfully.

You can change the direction of the ghost balls' movement so they can gather together. Then you'll navigate it all at once. Don't forget any ghost balls. You will not be able to complete the mission if you do not have the required number of ghost balls. You must replay the game.

Other things in Ghost Ball works

Ghost ball behavior

Each ghost ball has its unique behavior. Some may float erratically, while others may hide in corners or behind objects. Pay close attention to their patterns and use your skills to outsmart them. If you don't navigate them skillfully, they will get stuck in the cracks and crevices of the maze. That is the reason why you fail.

Spooky atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit with eerie sound effects, dimly lit rooms, and creepy decorations. Feel the suspense build as you explore the haunted mansion and encounter unexpected surprises along the way. The game presents a mesmerizing and addictive gameplay experience that captures the essence of the Halloween season. Engage in a spectral battle against haunting orbs, employing your skills and strategy to match and eliminate them before it's too late. With its simple yet addictive mechanics, stunning visuals, and atmospheric ambiance, the game promises a wickedly delightful journey for the player.