Hamster Town

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How to build Hamster Town

Build the tower

Join Hamster Town to build a convenient tower. Your town will be home to hamsters, so you must create enough facilities to raise many hamsters.

First, you will build a dharma building with lots of rooms. Each room will have its own function. You will have to accumulate gold coins to be able to unlock them. After opening the tower's first floor, you need to buy equipment and objects in the room. They can make your room more cozy and wonderful. You also need to like to accumulate a lot of gold coins or rent them to buy them. After purchasing items in the room, you will receive a lot of energy.

How many rooms and floors of the tower can you unlock? You try to open them. There will be many exciting rooms waiting for you.

Build the yard

Next, you will buy and unlock many other beneficial things in the yard. You can open parks, vending machines, bridges, etc. These are very useful to the town. The hamsters will have plenty of space for play and other activities. You can also produce food for hamsters in the yard.

Some highlights of Hamster Town

Join the Play section

As you unlock more furniture and objects in the hamster's rooms, you will gain more energy. You can use them to play minigames. You will control the hamster character to be able to break the squares. You should destroy squares with many gold coins to accumulate them. You can use them to unlock more floors.

In addition, you can also collect other items including apples, cheeses, sunflower seeds, candies, etc. They will bring you many benefits.

Unlock many characters

If you have enough coins, you can unlock many hamster characters. There are many different types of hamsters. They are adorable and have beautiful outfits. Buy more hamsters and raise them in your tower.