Hanger 2

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The rules of Hanger 2

Enthrall in a ragdoll swing online game which is Hanger 2. Control the hangman to jump over checkpoints and obstacles to reach the finish line.

As an attractive and addictive mechanics game, this game will be one of the indispensable games in your free time. First, control the hanger to move with the hanging rope. Click on the screen to start moving the hanger. Drag the rope far and fast to help the hanger quickly reach its destination. After reaching the destination, you can collect some coins. You can use that coin to buy new skins or upgrade your hanger. Note that if you drop the hanger or hit obstacles, the hanger will break and you will lose. You will see your progress and checkpoints on the progress bar at the top of the screen. Fill this bar to finish the level and level up.

Highlights about Hanger 2

Upgrade your hanger

Just with some coins, you can upgrade your hanger. Your hanger can become more powerful with the strength button while it can be faster with a boost button. Each change time requires 25 coins.

The skin of the hanger

There are 24 skins in the skin section. To unlock a new skin, you need to pay some coins or complete certain levels. Each skin will have a different style and color. Try to unlock all.