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Summary about Hangman

Test your vocabulary out in a puzzle word game which is Hangman. Find the correct word to fill in the blanks with the fewest attempts to avoid being hanged.

If you are a lover of vocabulary quizzes, this game was born for you. In the game, there will be countless levels and themes. You will see a crossword with blank letters. You have to guess the words based on the available topic. You will see empty cells. Each blank is equivalent to one letter. If you guess a word wrong, a part of the man will appear. If you guess wrong too many times, the man's parts will be completed and he will be hanged. At that time, you will have to play the game again. If you get stuck, you can use the hints from the game. You need to spend some stars to take a hint.

Levels in Hangman

This game has a variety of levels. Each level will be a distinctive challenge, word, and topic. Some prime topics are social networks, pets, fruits, car brands, drinks, colors, furniture, and so on. After finishing a level, you will get some stars and move to the next one. If you can not guess any words, you can use the hint button to take a suggestion. Each suggestion requires you to spend 10 stars.