Home Sheep Home

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About Home Sheep Home

Let's join the adventure of sheep in Home Sheep Home. Your goal is to guide Jimmy, Shriley, and Shawn back to the barn and keep going with other levels.

This game will bring you a new and fresh wind with its appealing rules. In the game, you will have many levels to overcome. Start your journey with the first level. You can choose to join the level with hints or no hints. Overcome all the tasks on the road and levels to guide your sheep back to the barn. There are 3 sheep in the game. You can select your sheep by clicking on the block member. Then, use the arrow key to jump up or go straight. Overcome obstacles and complete the tasks such as knocking the plank, spilling the straw, and so on. Control all the sheep to go to the signpost to move to the next level. The more you play, the harder the game will be. If you complete all the levels, your sheep can come to the barn.

Remarkable features of Home Sheep Home

How to control

  • Computer:

Use the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to control

Press the number key to choose the sheep

Use the mouse to play

  • Mobile:

Tap or press on the phone

Developer and platform

This game was published on 26th March 2010. It was made by Aardman Animations. You can play this game both on web browsers and mobile devices.

All the levels in the game

You will have a total of 15 levels that you need to overcome. In starting levels, it is so simple for you to overcome. However, the challenges will be harder in the next levels such as overcoming an abyss, walking on a small bridge, jumping on a trampoline, escaping from a swing, avoiding some obstacles, and so on.