Idle Miner Space Rush

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The highlights of Idle Miner Space Rush

Collect gems

Accompany astronauts in Idle Miner Space Rush to explore the moon. Try your best to collect as many gems as possible and exchange them to get coins.

Is your dream to explore the moon and other planets in the galaxy? Are you wondering what interesting things will happen on the moon? You can join this game to discover them.

Firstly, you will control your astronaut character by using the WASD keys or the arrow keys. Next, you need to dig deep underground to find gems or gold. They are hidden under many geological layers. Because, the deeper you dig, the more gems you get. You need to control your character to go in the direction of many gems to collect them. Finally, you will put the gems you collect into your bag until your bag is full.

Store gems

Your bag cannot hold too many gems. When it is full, you need to move back to the remote stores to stock them. They will be converted into many gold coins. As a result, you become rich. These stores are located in many places. It is best if you can collect the gems near the stores.

Upgrade the tools in Idle Miner Space Rush

When you have a lot of coins, you can use them to upgrade your equipment. They will help you to get gems easily.

The dig

The dig is the necessary equipment to help collect many gems. You should upgrade them to get more gems. For each upgrade, you need at least 100 coins. After each upgrade, their price will increase. Don't miss them if you want to become rich.

The mine

If you want to go deep underground then you need to use the mine. You upgrade their power to be able to dig deeper because most of the gems are located deep underground. Its price is the same as that of the dig.

The bag

As you know, your bag cannot hold too many gems. So it will take you a long time to get back to the stores. Then, you will take a lot of time. You can save your time by boosting the bag.