Idle Pizza Empire

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Manage your shop in the game Idle Pizza Empire

Idle Pizza Empire is really a satisfying game for people who love pizza as well as store management. Make pizza and deliver them to your customers.

A game that will make your hands work at full capacity in the very store that you have to manage. Firstly, start your job by clicking on the chef and following the white arrow. Then, the chef will make the cake and deliver the pizza to the staff. You need to click on the employee for her to receive the cakes and give them to the shipper, Click on the shipper for them to receive the cake. After receiving the cakes, they will deliver them to your customers. After each successful order, you will receive some money. To assist you in managing the store, you can upgrade your characters and their level. After upgrading, you can get a higher amount. You can also use your money to hire more staff. After new employees are added, the pressure on your hands will be reduced. The characters will carry items, pick up goods and transfer gold automatically. At that time, your job is to receive money and upgrade the characters. After upgrading your level, you can unlock offline earnings. You can earn extra money even when you are not in the game.

Characters and upgrade them in Idle Pizza Empire

You have all 3 characters in the game, including the baker, the receiver, and the shipper. Initially, for these characters to work, you need to tap on them. Everything will become automatic after you use the money to upgrade characters and recruit more staff. At that time, you can comfortably receive money. However, note that new hires' active time is limited. After clicking on the lightning icon, new employees will help your characters work at full capacity. You again have to wait a few minutes to continue using them. After upgrading you will unlock offline earning which allows you to earn even when you leave the screen. After upgrading, you can open more floors to expand your store. Do you feel attracted?