Iron Snout

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Iron Snout is an online fighting game where you become a pig warrior to fight thousands of wolves. Although the fighting style is similar, there are many modes.

Modes Of Iron Snout

This online game offers 4 modes: Classic, Sudden Death, 2P Wolfieball, and Pig vs 100. In all of these modes, players transform into a pig and fight wolves. However, each mode offers different gameplay.

For example, in Pig vs 100 mode, there are 100 wolves constantly attacking you. You need to win 100 wolves in this mode of Iron Snout. If you join Classic mode, you simply fight in endless matches until you are taken to hell. How many wolves can you defeat in Iron Snout?

How Pigs Fight

When you become a pig, you need to grasp the skills of this game.

The Pig's Skills

In Iron Snout, your pig is not as simple as the animals in Gulper.io. You can fight scary wolves thanks to your fighting skills.

Specifically, you can punch, kick, jump high, and perform combination attacks. The Iron Snout game allows you to combine these skills together to create more powerful attacks.

Controls Of Iron Snout

You can control your pig with the arrow keys.