Jelly Merger

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The gameplay Jelly Merger

Jelly Merger is an amusing idle game. The game requests you to block as many bullets as possible to get a lot of money and buy other jellies.

In the game, an empty board where the cannon bullets will shoot. With the initial amount, you can buy three jellies. You will arrange their position on the board so that they can block as many bullets as possible. You will get a lot of money if you can complete your task well. When a bullet collides with a jelly and bounces, you must also block them. Therefore, you need to arrange their positions reasonably to be able to get many points.

Also, you will get more points if you block the bullets with fantastic jelly. It means you need to merge them to make better jelly. As a result, your scores will increase remarkably. Try your best.

Some kinds of Jelly Merger

Merging the jelly is so important. You need to do that to be able to make a lot of money. The new Jellis can block bullets better. You need to buy more than two jellies. Then you will merge them to create other jellies. Gradually, you will get the best jellies. Take advantage of the amazing jellies in the shop. Use your money to buy more jellies.

Moreover, you can also unlock many jellies if you can reach the required levels. For example, you can open the red jellies if you can overcome level 20. So, you must work hard to get them.