Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas

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Short things about Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas

Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere in Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas. Match the pieces together to create a full picture and keep going with other pictures.

If you love photo collage games, this game is a suitable choice for you. Before starting with the game, you can select an image and select the jigsaw size. Look carefully at the original picture. Then, arrange and match pieces together to create a complete picture. If you get stuck, you can review the original picture, reshuffle the pieces, or restart the game. After finishing a picture, you can keep going with the next one.

Special factors of Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas

You can customize the jigsaw pictures from 12 available pictures in the game. These pictures relate to the Christmas theme. You can also customize the size for each picture. If the number of pieces is small, you can easily match them. However, the challenge will be greater if you choose both a row and a column with 5 pieces. You can also choose the background for the game. There are 5 main backgrounds in the game. You are free to pick one of them.