Kitty Match

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Some missions in Kitty Match

Meet the targets

Participate in Kitty Match to enjoy an attractive matching game. You can select and feed a cat by completing targets in the level without running out of moves.

Welcome to the world of cute cats. If you want to raise cats online, you should not miss this game. You still have cats and entertainment. The game will offer some interesting experiences for all of you.

In the grid, there are a lot of gems. You need to swipe to be able to match similar gems. You need at least three identical gems to match them. Depending on the targets of the levels, you need to complete them. Pay attention to the gems that appear in the target to match them. You need to remember that you don't have too many moves. You need to use them effectively. If you cannot complete the mission with that amount of moves, you will lose. You cannot advance to the following levels.

Levels will become more difficult. Your target is also higher. So you need to puzzle out to win. If you can pass the level, you will unlock many other interesting things in the game. Come on, let's join the game and explore them.

Get many coins

When you finish the level successfully, you will receive a certain amount of coins. You need to save them so you can feed your cat. These coins can also be converted from the remaining moves that you have not used. If you want more coins, you must complete the mission with as few moves as possible.

Unlock some items in Kitty Match

Select the new cats

If you have enough gold coins, you can choose many other cats. It's extremely cute. The more amazing the cat, the more expensive it is. You need to accumulate coins to buy all the little cats in the shop.

Grow your cat

After successfully completing the level, you will receive some interesting items. They are toys for small cats. You also get extra fish which is the cat's favorite food. You can also use gold coins to buy fish. Then, your cat will grow faster, which is also how you can feed other cats.