Knight Dash

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The overview of Knight Dash

The gameplay

Knight Dash gives you unique gameplay where you have to think clearly to pass the level. Collect all coins and a key to unlock the exit portal.

Knight is trapped in the castle, so he needs your help. You have to find a way out for your character. Collect the key to open the exit portal. It sounds easy, but it is not really. Your character can only run in a straight line until he is blocked by walls or blocks. So sometimes he will get stuck again. He won't be able to enter the smaller alleys. You need to have a specific strategy to complete the towel lock levels.

Moreover, you can collect all the coins in the castle. They are your rewards. You can also open treasure chests to get more coins. Good luck.


You will use the left mouse button to swipe left or right. You can also swipe forward or back to control your character.

Some tricks to pass Knight Dash

Take advantage of blocks

You will find blocks on the castle are beneficial. You can take advantage of them to block your character. Thanks to them, you can turn into small alleys. You need to be careful because any mistake will trap your knight. You can skip some coins to focus on the exit portal.

Play the level again

You can press the Undo button to replay the level. In case your character gets stuck, you should use them. You will make better decisions the next time you play. Accumulate experiences and lessons to pass the level.