Level Devil

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Level Devil challenges players with unexpected dangers from pits, spikes, coins, and other obstacles. A series of levels with each obstacle are waiting for you.

Levels Of Each Obstacle

In Level Devil, obstacles are divided into different doors. When you enter a door, new levels will appear. These new levels only focus on a single obstacle. You can track these doors on the mini-map.

However, you can experience the combination of obstacles by reaching the devil's door. This level is the last level of Level Devil with extreme challenges. These challenges can be more difficult than For Honor Warriors io.

In addition, when you play adventure games, you must play each door and level in order. It is possible to skip a level using the Skip button.

How To Play Level Devil

To play this online game, players only need to firmly grasp the goals and movements of their character.

Level Devil's Goal

Your task is to control your character to reach the door at the end of each level. Your goal is always this door to advance to the next level.

Daily goals may seem easy to achieve, but in reality, they are much more challenging. Players must face a series of unexpected dangers because obstacles can appear or move at any time.

Character-Controlling Way

In Level Devil, to control their character, players need to use the arrow keys. The arrow keys allow your character to move up, down, left, and right to avoid obstacles.

Control is the deciding factor in Level Devil. You need to be agile to react to the surprises of this online game, so pay special attention to this control method.