Like A King

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What about Like A King

Engage in an inconclusive battle in a strategy game which is Like A King. Build your barracks to explore gold and fight to defeat the enemy to protect them.

If you use to play the famous game age of empire, you will fancy this game. Your goal is to mine gold and protect your castle from dangerous enemies. First, there will be a small instruction for you, and you need to follow it. Your mission is to protect the castle from the enemy by building towers. To protect it, you have to build a goldmine to mine gold. You need a few seconds to build your towers. After you have enough gold, you must continue to build barracks. Barracks will train melee warriors to attack and defend your castle. Then, connect a line from your barrack to the enemy towers to make a path for your army. Wait for a battle. Finally, you must connect a line to the enemy castle to completely defeat them. To completely defeat the enemy, you need to fortify with a lot of barracks and goldmine. You only have a certain time to complete the game. Therefore, finish as fast as possible to get a high score. Use wise and reasonable tactics to become the only king.

Notes about Like A King

The game mode

This game brings you 2 main modes including battle and campaign.
In battle mode, you will have to try your best to defeat the enemy to continue with a higher challenge. After each win, you will receive a gift chest. You can collect tower cards or resources from that gift chest. In campaign mode, this is a mode where players need to use all the skills and towel cards they have to defeat the enemy. Your enemy is also very strong, so it takes a lot of time and experience to become a winner.

Special cards

There are a total of 18 cards in the game. Specifically, there are 4 basic cards including gold mine, archer yard, crossbow tower, and military hut. With gold mine cards, you can mine gold to provide for building more towers. Archer yards and military huts train melee warriors. Crossbow tower lets you protect towel and castle from afar.