Lof Math Shooter

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Short information about Lof Math Shooter

Show your mental calculation ability and transcendent eyes in Lof Math Shooter. Aim and shoot the correct answer with the given arithmetic expression.

This game gives you the ability to do mental math as fast as a market seller. You will transform into a shooting man. To finish each level, you need to have all the correct answers and correct shots. You will see an arithmetic expression at the bottom of the screen and some answers for it. You only have 10 bullets for 10 arithmetic expressions. Therefore, think carefully and shoot correctly to hit the target and get the correct answer

Levels and arithmetic expressions in Lof Math Shooter

In this game, you will have to complete arithmetic expressions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division separated into 8 levels. Their difficulty will increase gradually after each level. Each level only has a certain number of shots. You will not be able to complete the game even with 1 wrong answer.