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Remarkable information about Ludo

The playing rules

Play a multiplayer strategy board game which is Ludo. Use your smart brain to control your token to kick all the enemies and lead your token back to the mews.

If you used to play Parcheesi in your childhood, the rules of this game are similar. To start the game, you will choose the game mode. In the game, you will see a Ludo board. There are 4 colors on this board consisting of red, blue, yellow, and green. Your yard will be picked randomly by the game. You need to roll the dice to start your turn. You need to have the highest roller which is 6 to move from your base. After you get a 6-value dice, you can roll in the second time. Your move will be the number of the dice. Then, other players on the board will take turns rolling in a clockwise direction. However, you will be kicked out of the board if your token is blocked in front of your enemies. Similarly, you can kick out your enemies if your token stands in front of them. If you are kicked, you need to move again. Guide your tokens one round to go to the home column. In front of your home column, you need to roll the correct dice to jump into the home column. If not, you can not move that token. In the home column, you can arrange the tokens to jump into the true square. You will become the winner when your tokens go to the home column. You can get a score if you win the game. Do you have enough luck to overcome your opponents? Besides this game, you also can try Solitaire 2048 which is also a good game for you to practice brainstorming.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your computer mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Special things about Ludo

The game modes

You can play in 3 modes of this game. They are 2-player mode, 3-player mode, and 4-player mode. Invite your friends to play with you and have wonderful moments. In 2-player mode, you will play with another friend. In 3-player mode, you can play with 2 other friends. To get a fulfilling experience, you can invite some friends to play with in the 4-player mode. Test the luck between you and your friends with this game.

The Ludo board

There are 4 main colors on the Ludo board. They are red, yellow, green, and blue. You can pick one of them in the game. The red color will move first. Then, it is the turn of yellow, green, and blue. Similarly, you also have a home column with the same color. You need to go through 50 small squares to go to the home column. You can get some scores after you move through the star points.