Mad Shark

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What is Mad Shark

The challenging missions

Embark in Mad Shark to capture many little fishes. Try to eat many kinds of fish and avoid colliding with explosive items to exist in the ocean.

You will control the little shark in the vast ocean. Nurture it by navigating your character. You need to help it eat as many small fish as possible. You will get points when you can eat more fish. Your shark will also grow bigger. In the end, you can become the killer of the ocean.

However, you will have to face a large number of obstacles when controlling your shark. First, you will encounter large fishing boats or submarines. They are trying to target your character. So, you need to help the shark dodge the ships. They also don't stop shooting at you. It is best if you can avoid them in time. Next, explosive barrels are especially dangerous to sharks and the ocean. They are released from fishing boats. They can cause your character to lose his life at any time. Finally, there are many small bombs at the bottom of the ocean, you are not allowed to collide with them unless you will lose. The game is over.

Control the shark

The up arrow key to swim upwards.

The down arrow key to swim down.

The spacebar to attack.

Some tips and tricks to become the strongest Mad Shark

When controlling your character, you need to pay attention to your character's lives. In each turn, you have 5 lives. You need to take advantage of them to go as far as possible. Let's collect big fish to get more bonus points.

Moreover, you should collect the fire to be able to attack the fishing boats. You use them to eliminate threats. Then you can save your character.