Match 20 Challenge

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Overview of Match 20 Challenge

Match 20 Challenge is a catchy puzzle game that can boost your logic. Try to match as many same tiles as possible in a short time to get a high score.

Show your intelligence with this easy and popular puzzle game. You need to look at and match the same tiles together. Select a tile and drop them into another tile with the same number. You will form a new number that is 1 unit larger than the old number. You cannot match tiles of different numbers. Merge the numbers as fast and as much as you can before the new tiles push down. If you let tiles fill the screen, you lose.

Hints in Match 20 Challenge

You can see some suggestions at the bottom of the screen including breaking a tile, moving a tile, and pausing time. You can pause time with the clock button. Breaking a tile from another tile with a break symbol when you can move any tile to another position in the board with a flower symbol.