Maze Game 3D

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Basic things about Maze Game 3D

The gameplay

Burst your tiresome days with a 3D puzzle game which is Maze Game 3D. Find the key and the door in this complicated maze to escape from the maze.

If you want to challenge your super brain with difficult-level games, this is a perfect choice for you. In this game, you get lost in a maze with many paths. You cannot see the map of this maze. Complete the game's mission by finding the key and the door to get the exit. However, you cannot see the map of the route. Therefore, you need to use your logical thinking and memory ability to overcome it. Good luck.

How to move

Computer: Use the WASD keys to move

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on the screen to play

Tricks and tips to become the victor

  • Explore all the paths in the maze when you're not sure where the key is
  • Remember the places you've been and the roads you haven't taken
  • Note down or draw a map of the maze on paper through the roads you have taken

All the levels of Maze Game 3D

It is similar to Maze Game Kids. This game gives you 15 levels to pass. The difficulty of these levels will increase as you get higher. In the more difficult levels, the maze will have more paths. The key and the door are also harder for you to find.