Mental Hospital Escape

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Basic things about Mental Hospital Escape

Find your freedom in an exciting online game that is Mental Hospital Escape. Find the key and important items to escape from this scary mental hospital.

This game will blow your mind with its new and fun rules. You will have 2 chapters in this game. In each chapter, you need to find the clues to get away from this hospital. However, the clues or important items are not easy to find. They will be hidden in some places. Use your logical thinking and intelligent brain to find them. After that, use to it unlock the door. Some items which you can find in the game include spoons. keys, and so on. In the high levels, you need to recode the door, find some supporting items, and be locked up in a permanent hospital. Try to complete the tasks on time. If you can not complete the game in the ruled time, you need to try the game again. If you are caught by the doctor, you also need to retry the game. Try your best to find your serenity and freedom by escaping from this awful place.

Some strong points of Mental Hospital Escape

This game brings you 2 chapters and 40 levels that you need to overcome. At each level, you will have different tasks and challenges. You need to find a way to escape from this room. To escape, you need to find something like a key, a spoon, and so on. Sometimes, you need to attack or treat the doctor or doorman to take the key. Sometimes, you can find the key from the walls, the bricks, the toilet, and so on. The higher you level up, the more difficult the level will be. You can keep continuing with the next level after you complete a level.