Merge the Cake

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In Merge the Cake, you are a chef and prepare desserts by merging cakes. Have you ever merged to create delicious cakes? Try and enjoy Merge the Cake now!

How To Create Cakes

In Merge the Cake, you'll create desserts in a strange way: merging. This thrilling gameplay also appears in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender. In this new game, you will combine two similar cakes to create a new cake with more value.

First, the new cakes have a better appearance and taste. Second, higher-level cakes will give you more collections per second. With these two values, players can progress to new levels faster with more space.

New Levels in Merge the Cake

New levels will bring you more exciting experiences with larger spaces.

The Space In The Cake Merges

At the beginning of this arcade game, players possess 6 squares corresponding to 6 spaces. With each square, you can place a plate of cake. Therefore, your maximum dish level is 6. This will put a limit on your maximum cake-making dish.

To solve the problem of limited space, players can achieve the highest levels of Merge the Cake which gives you new spaces.

How To Level Up Quickly

During gameplay, a new dish will be added every 10 seconds. To speed this up, you can click on the reveal. In addition, Merge the Cake players can also visit the Shop section to unlock new desserts.