Money Land

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Basic information about Money Land

The rules

Enjoy the money world which is Money Land. Your objective is to collect money to upgrade all the buildings and expand your district to level up.

This game is quite easy for you to conquer all the levels. In the game, you need to collect all the money on the road. You can collect money by moving to the money area. After that, run to the cells to use your money for upgrading all the buildings in the district. You need to upgrade all the buildings on the street such as cars, shops, banks, restaurants, houses, hospitals, entertainment centers, and so on. Each building needs its own money. For example, a bin needs 2000 money to use. An ice-cream car needs 4000 money to activate. Then, you can upgrade items and buildings in the upgrade section. You can come to the expand-area to open more buildings. When your district is expanded, more residents will come. You also can unlock some vehicles which need your money delivery. After building, you can see the map of your district in the map section. It is so awesome when you look back on your achievement. Join and make your district become more bustling and busy. Besides this game, you can enjoy Paper.io 2 to relax in your free time.

How to control:

  • Computer

Use the mouse to play

Press the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to control

Noteworthy things about Money Land

Upgrade items and buildings

You can upgrade and unlock new items after upgrading the shop. Then, the upgrade section will appear. At that time, you can upgrade your move speed, collect speed, capacity, district income, and district worker. You can use the moving speed to run more quickly. With the collect speed, you can collect money faster. With capacity, you can collect more money in a running time. With district income, you can get more money after upgrading a building. Hire more district workers to support your money collecting. After upgrading, you can expand your district and earn more income. However, you need to cost amount of money to upgrade them.

The map in the game

After building or upgrading, you can see the map on the top right of the screen. You can see all districts or your city on the map. At the end of the map, there are some expanded cells. Use your money to fill up these cells. Each building on the map will need some money to unlock. For example, a shop requires 10000 money to unlock. Some restaurants need 13000 to 17000 money to open. To unlock some cars, you need to pay 4000 to 14000 money. The more you play, the higher cost you need to pay. Your district will be expanded if you upgrade buildings constantly.