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The overview of Mudblot

Mudblot is an entertaining running game. You must assist a mudblot roll faster before it gets sucked in by the vacuum cleaner and collect enough coins.

A speck of mud has come to this strange new city. This is its first journey. It seems that it has prepared to face the storm. It comes to the hospital first. This is a clean place, so its appearance irritates the vacuum cleaner. So you need to help your character dodge the vacuum cleaner. If your character gets sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, the game is over. Try to roll as far as possible.

When controlling your character, you also need to collect a lot of coins to have enough coins to ride the bus. You will move to another place and start a new journey. Each location will be a difficulty level. You need to try to complete your mission.

The challenges and control in Mudblot

The challenges

The mud spot will face quite a few challenges. It will have to roll quickly to avoid being sucked into the vacuum cleaner. The aggressive vacuum cleaner is behind you. You have to roll faster than it. Moreover, there are many different types of garbage on the floor. You also need to avoid them. If you roll over them, you will be picked up by the vacuum cleaner. Move right or left to dodge. In addition, don't forget to collect helmets. It will help you avoid other types of garbage.


You will use the left and right arrow keys to control your character. Use the left arrow key to turn left. If you want to turn right, let's press the right arrow key. If you want to continue rolling on the left, you still keep pressing the left arrow button.