Mush Dash

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Mush Dash is an online adventure game with a girl-running theme. Take control of your beautiful girl and run through paths full of obstacles.

About Mush Dash

This online game is similar to the Geometry Dash SubZero game because they are both in the fast-paced running genre. The word Dash in their name clearly represents the genre.

When you enter Mush Dash, you will go on a colorful adventure with a beautiful girl.

Your Girl Character

Your character is a beautiful girl who runs into the color world. Although this gaming world is very beautiful, it contains many dangers. To overcome these dangers, your character needs your control.

Controls Of Mush Dash

To control your character, you just need to use the D key to attack. When you press the D key, your character will jump up and perform an attack. Use this attack ability to destroy the enemies ahead and run as far as you can. Your character will automatically run forward, so this Mush Dash game only depends on the D key.

More Game Details

This Mush Dash game is an endless game, so you need to run as far as you can to get a high score. However, the game speed and number of obstacles will prevent you from achieving this achievement.