MX OffRoad Master

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About MX OffRoad Master

Summary MX OffRoad Master

Become a rider in an online 2-player racing game which is Mx OffRoad Master. Control your character to ride the bike and go through difficult terrain.

If you care about racing games, this game is so perfect for you. To start the game, you need to choose the game mode and the number of players. You can play this game alone or accompany your friend. You need to manage your racer and guide him to pass through all the tricky terrain. You must pass through checkpoints. They will guide you to go to the finish line. After that, you can move to the next level. After finishing a level, you can receive some diamonds or coins. Try to finish a level as quickly as possible to get more awards. Then, use your awards to change items or upgrade your character in the shop. Invite your friend to get memorable moments.

How to ride the bike

  • 1-player mode

Use the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR key to use the front brake

Press the S key to use the rear brake

Hold on the C key to open the camera switch

Hold on to the R key to restart the position

  • 2-player mode

The first player

Use the WASD keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR to operate the front brake

Press the S key to use the rear brake

Press the C key to use the camera switch

Use the R key to restart the position

Player 2:

Hold on to the ARROW keys to move

Use the R-SHIFT to operate the front brake

Press the DOWN ARROW KEY to use the rear brake

Use the O key to open the camera switch

Use the P key to restart the position

The developer and platform

This game was developed by RHM Interactive. It was released in February 2023. It is playable in iOS, Android, and Web browsers such as desktops.

Fascinating facts in MX OffRoad Master

2 game modes

The most important of this game is that it has 2 main modes. They are mountain-ride mode and free-ride mode. In mountain ride mode, you can ride your bike and go through all the terrain to move from this level to other levels. There are 14 levels in this mode. Try your best to experience all the levels. In the second mode, you don't have any terrain. In free-ride mode, you just need to pass through many obstacles and difficult terrain to collect diamonds and coins. Try to go as far as possible to earn more awards.

Special things in the shop

You can upgrade some items for your characters such as a bike, a chain, a helmet, and a costume. You can use your awards to buy these items. Each new object has its own cost. For example, a bike has a cost of 230 coins or 54 diamonds. You need to pay 8 to 26 coins for a helmet, while you must pay 26 coins and 12 diamonds for a costume.