My Candy Box

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Some missions in My Candy Box

Get three stars

Participate in My Candy Box to help a monster eat candy. The game requests you to come up with wise strategies to get three stars and reach the box to win.

The little blue monster loves sweet candies. So you will control it to complete the task. Your first task is to try to collect all three stars. You need to make use of the fixed wooden platforms and the moving stone platforms to be able to get them. Collecting all three stars will help you get a high score. You cannot pass the level if you don't have any stars.

When collecting stars, you must be careful not to fall. You need to stick to any surface. In addition, there are platforms that contain spikes. You need to avoid them. You are not allowed to collide with them.

Drop into the candy box

Your second task is to drop your character into the candy box. It is the final destination of the monsters in this game. Lots of sweet candies are waiting for you. You also need to note that you are only allowed to make the character fall into the candy box. If it falls out, you are forced to play the level again. Try to conquer as many difficult levels as possible.

How to play My Candy Box

Your character has a pair of flexible hands. It can reach longer than usual so that it can hit distant platforms. The monster's ability to stick to surfaces is quite good. You use the mouse to click the right or left side of the screen to help it stick to the platforms and move. You can also reach your arms overhead to grab onto higher platforms. Take advantage of the moveable platforms to complete this game.