Neon Tetris

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Basic objectives of Neon Tetris

The gameplay

Jump into an incredible puzzle game which is Neon Tetris. Take control of the blocks to fill up the blank space and create a row to remove them.

This game will be a great experiment for you. Use your keyboard to control the blocks and move to the right position you want. Move them to fill up the blank space on the screen and make a horizontal row to remove them. The other blocks will fall down consecutively. Therefore, you need to remove as many blocks as possible before they fill up your screen. If you get stuck, you can rotate the blocks to fit the blank space as you like. You also can change the current block with a new block. After removing some blocks, you will level up. You will get double points if you delete multiple rows at once. Do your best to beat this game.

How to move blocks

Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to move

Use the UP ARROW key to rotate clockwise

Hold the Z key to rotate counterclockwise

Press on the DOWN ARROW key to down the block

Use the SPACEBAR to drop and lock

Hold the CONTROL key to swap the block

Various levels of Neon Tetris

In this game, there are endless levels for you to overpower. Levels will automatically move up after you finish the challenge. At high levels, blocks will increase and move faster. You need agile thinking to deal with new blocks. The level will be over if the blocks fill your screen.