Om Nom Bubbles

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The overview of Om Nom Bubbles

The gameplay

Welcome to Om Nom Bubbles where you can show your shooting ability. Within the allotted time, you shoot the bubbles to match the same color and get rewards.

Om Nom is a cute and well-known character. In this game, you will assist Om Nom to clean up the playground. These bubbles will be placed at the top of the screen. There are many colored bubbles. They are descending gradually. Need to get rid of them before they reach the bottom. To be able to pop the bubbles, you will use the cannon to shoot the bubbles. You will aim at areas where there are many bubbles of the same color as your bubble. They will disappear if there are at least three bubbles of the same color. So you need to aim and shoot accurately to get a lot of points.

In addition, you will be under time pressure. You only have 60 seconds to shoot the bubbles. Try to score as many points as possible before the time runs out. Speed is required in this game. Besides, you also have to ensure the accuracy of your shots.

How to control

You must use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to fire in the game. Always remember that if three or more bubbles of the same color are present, they will pop. Pressing the spacebar or the right mouse button will allow you to switch out the bubble's color in the cannon. However, the number of bubble switches is limited. You must use them effectively to win.

Some rewards in the game

After finishing the game, you can earn a lot of rewards. They can help you in the next turns. You can get more ones to play the following levels better.

The coins

Gold coins are the first reward that you can get. The amount of gold coins will correspond to the number of points you have. The gold coins are very useful for you. You can use gold coins to buy other boosters. They will bring you more wins. Do not miss the coins in the game.

The stars

Besides gold coins, you can get a lot of stars. If you can fill the bar on the top of the screen with stars, you can unlock the new levels. The following levels will be harder. You need to train your shooting skills to complete the level. Have fun.

Some boosters in Om Nom Bubbles

The boosters in the game are beneficial. You can purchase them to complete the level quickly. In addition, you must reach the required levels to unlock them. The first booster is the timer. Your time limit will increase. So you will have more gold coins, points, and stars. After completing level 3, you can unlock Magic Bubbles. It can exchange a lot of bubbles on the screen. Then, you can clean up all the bubbles. You should buy it. There are a lot of boosters, you can unlock more levels to experience them.