Onet Connect Classic

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The attraction of Onet Connect Classic

The game rules

Onet Connect Classic is a popular matching game. You need to match two same objectives to clear up the playing field within the allotted time.

The game is so popular and is widely popular all over the world. It was released a long time ago but it has attracted a lot of players. You can join this game and get your quest. If you love it, you can also recommend the game to your friends. You will be immersed in this exciting game. The vivid graphics and sound of the game will not let you down.

In the game, you will match two similar objects to clear the playing field before time runs out. You need to remember that you cannot join two identical items if your distance and location require more than three lines to join. Connect the same items using no more than three lines. The simple gameplay makes the game suitable for many people. You can access and play the game right away.

The traits of the game

There are three types of items for you to choose from. These include animals, food, and fruits. You can choose your favorite item before starting the game. It can be said that the items in the game are very cute. You can choose any type without having to complete difficult tasks.

In addition, after completing the levels, you will receive a bonus gift. You can get up to 1000 scores or some hints.

Some power-ups of Onet Connect Classic

The hints

Hints are one of two types of power-ups. It will help you find similar items. You can use them when you can't find the same items. However, you only have three hints. If you want more hints, you need to get the mystery gift.

The shuffles

Like hints, the shuffles are limited. You can use them to shuffle the position of items. They allow you to spot similar items easily. Use them wisely to great effect. Good luck!