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Why is called Pacman

Pacman is an arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan. Control Pacman to collect all the dots on the maze and avoid all the enemies to win.

As a success of a classical game, this game will not certainly make you disappoint. In this game, you will transform into a Pacman. To win the game, you need to collect all the dots in the maze. However, in the maze, you have also some enemies. Move to alleys when you face enemies. If you crash on them, you will lose a life. You just can attack your enemies when you eat big dots. You also can move from one gate to another gate. You just have 5 life. Therefore, if you lose all your life, you will lose the game. Take advantage of disabling enemies to attack them and increase your score.

Notable things about Pacman

In this game, you need to deal with 4 enemies including Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Each enemy will have a distinctive feature. You will lose a life when you have a collision with them. Unless they are disabled, they always find a way to chase you. Try to avoid them. In addition, the maze is also an important thing in this game. You can take advantage of the maze to avoid the attack of enemies. You also can move from this door to another door of the maze.