Paper Golf

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What do you know about Paper Golf

Paper Golf is an engaging combination of mini golf and drawing on paper. You need to guide the ball to roll through the hole and keep going with other levels.

With its strange design and slightly modified game rules, you will prefer this unique sports game. You need to take control of the ball to guide it to the hole. Align the ball and your power to aim in the correct direction of the hole. You also need to avoid all the obstructions on the paper to guide the ball to the hole safely. Then, keep going with other levels. If your ball can not touch the hole or have a collision with obstacles, you will lose the level.

Necessary points about Paper Golf

In this game, you have many levels to overcome. When your ball comes to the hole, you will pass that level and move to the next one. Each level will have a different challenge and map. The higher the level is, the more complicated the game will be. Besides, you need to face too many obstacles on paper such as apples, erasers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, beer caps, magnets, and so on. At higher levels, they can rotate or move quickly to prevent you from coming to the hole. You need to avoid them to win the level. They also can change your ball's direction or break your ball when touching. Try your best to win as many levels as possible.